One Simple Idea by Mitch Horowitz – Great Book

One Simple Idea – By Mitch Horowitz – Book Review

Portrait of Albert Einstein and Others (1879-1...

Portrait of Albert Einstein and Others (1879-1955), Physicist (Photo credit: Smithsonian Institution)

If you have every wondered about the history of positive thinking in the USA, this book is for you.  It is like a codex on spirituality that is rooted in the prosperity & healing gospel.

Whether you are interested in the “Law of Attraction“, spiritual healing,  or human potential, I suggest you read this book.  It does not matter if you  are Christian, Jewish or New Age, this book covers it all.

I was struck with awe in the book about the power of mental medicine. Whether you are talking about affirmations, placebos, prayer, meditation or related physical disciplines, this manuscript really covers many issues related to metaphysics and explains why they are so popular and many times effective.

Overall, when you meet high powered achievers, you will find out they they have a balanced approach of body, mind and spirit.  This book sheds much light on the spiritual angle of mind power and how some of the most successful authors and speakers in US history have used enthusiasm, prayer, meditation and the like to motivate millions of followers.

I recommend the book highly because it provides not only the why, but the how, when and where. It is extremely detailed and well researched.  Since I read every word, I can honestly say that each chapter and story had a gentle and commanding flow. The best part is the work is thought provoking and uplifting.

I have read other books by Mr. Horowitz that were equally as good such as: Occult America.

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