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Wealth Management – Transition from Estate Planning to Risk and Retirement

In the last 5 years, we have transitioned in wealth management from an estate focus to a Wealth Preservation focus.

Since the 90s until recently, most hard working folks were trying to take care of their estates, protect their assets from undue taxation, and use estate planning techniques.

Now, people are more focused on their retirement dollars lasting long enough while using advanced risk management strategies.

If you and your spouse are worth more than 5 million each, then you may have an estate tax problem, however, that scenario is limited to the ultra wealthy.

Most others will focus on their retirement assets, 401K, insurance assets, and other key issues like powers of attorney and trusts.

Good wealth management requires us to review the entire situation including social security, pensions, assets, stocks, land, home, property, tax issues, insurance policies, potential issues such as inheritance,  and even legal documents.  Everything is important and it is a holistic approach.

If you are healthy and have children and a spouse, you should consider life insurance protection that is effective for your budget.  Term insurance can protect your children and your spouse in case you die during the typical 20 year term.  It is cheap and if you can afford it, you can always buy permanent life insurance.

English: "Nettogeldvermögen" net fin...

English: “Nettogeldvermögen” net financial assets (financial assets minus liabilities) of economy sectors of Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)